We're Going To Put Financial Crime Out Of Business.


The Issue

Money laundering is a multi-trillion dollar industry and bad guys are using state-of-the-art technology to victimize people and defraud businesses.

Detection and investigation techniques used to fight these crimes are 20 years old. 


MinervaAI provides 21st century technology to financial crime fighters.


About Us

Brought to you by former banking executives with 20+ years of domain expertise.

Powered by an experienced academic in the fields of AI and deep learning.

MinervaAI weaves together regulatory and operational expertise with modern and cutting edge technology.  

The Team

Jennifer Arnold

CEO & Co-Founder

Damian Tran

CTO & Co-Founder

Victor Tay

COO & Co-Founder


Jennifer Arnold is our resident regulatory nerd and all around financial crime enthusiast. Her leadership roles in financial crime and compliance teams at Bank of Montreal, CIBC and Wells Fargo Canada were the inspiration for starting MinervaAI.

Damian Tran has a Masters of Science, and is our resident tech nerd. During his time in cancer research he developed deep learning methods to increase throughput and success rates of new drug discoveries. He created proprietary deep learning engines to expand on existing capabilities and confer powerful tech abilities to MinervaAI.

Victor Tay has an Electrical Engineering Degree, and is our resident data nerd. He has 15+ years in the AML and Financial crimes space, spanning some of the biggest financial organizations. He was the former Chief Anti-Money Laundering officer and VP Risk Services at Wells Fargo Canada, and was the head of AML Solution and Strategy at CIBC.