AML Solutions

MinervaAI uses deep learning to run context-driven searches for EDD, sanctions screening, KYC, beneficial ownership, & adverse media.

Why MinervaAI?

Deep learning

Deep learning acquires and assesses 4.5 billion data points for context, sentiment and risk in seconds, no more Google searches.

Relevant Data

Accurate, relevant and high- quality data accessed in real-time, every time, nothing stored, stashed or cached.


Context- driven searches decrease false positives and increase operational efficiency, move beyond keyword and name matching.

Reduce Costs

Reduce compliance costs by increasing productivity, shelving point solutions and eliminating manual interventions.

Private and Secure

Private and secure with privacy- preserving technology built-in to the platform.

No Time Wasted

Waste no time getting set up with zero-day UI implementation or simple API integration.

Together, we can put bad money out of business

Sanctions Screening

There is no room for error when it comes to sanctions checking. Our lists are refreshed, at a minimum, every 24 hours. Trigger re-scans of your client book of record at predetermined intervals and/or when Sanctions change.

Onboarding & Know Your Customer

Let the right ones in, every time, with intelligent and automated results in seconds.

Entity Resolution & Beneficial Ownership

Conduct identity resolution using billions of open-source data points, identify ultimate beneficial ownership, networks and review predicted relationships and associated risks.

Adverse Media Analysis

Understand the context and sentiment of news and mentions with quantified risk analysis and dramatically fewer false positives.

Enhanced Due Diligence | EDD

Use a single search to understand a client’s full AML risk profile; Sanctions, PEP, adverse media, social media, legal and criminal, links and relationships, beneficial ownership and thousands more of open-source data.

Continuous Monitoring

Need to monitor a specific client population regularly to ensure no material change in risk status? We got it.


And above consolidation accuracy.

Billion data points per search.

News outlets, blogs, and open source, in 147 languages.

Seconds to search, assemble & analyze the financial crime risk to your organization.

We work with some of the most innovative and exciting organizations on the planet

We chose MinervaAI for its AI capabilities to automate our regulatory obligations including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence aspects of AML onboarding, risk rating and ongoing compliance monitoring. MinervaAI's automated process that produces fully auditable reports allows the investigators to add value by allocating time to analysis instead of the tedium of document collection.


- Chief Compliance Officer
Crypto Custodian

MinervaAI has become a trusted partner in fulfilling certain aspects of Mogo's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance regime. They adapt quickly to changes in sanctions and other regulatory requirements, providing us with a high level of confidence in their services. We have found their team to be knowledgeable and readily available for support!


- Catharine Martin
Senior Director Governance and Compliance. MOGO