Financial Crime Risk Assessment Platform

MinervaAI is flexible and adaptable, offering end-to-end client risk management from onboarding to exit or a la carte point solutions to solve very specific use cases or data needs.

Network Identification & Visualization

Know your customer and the company they keep with automated network visualization. See relationships instantly and build on them using our dynamic search feature. Visualize clearly defined networks to differentiate what’s important for deeper review.

Having better data that’s easier to understand helps you make better decisions and keep better customers – that’s better for your business.

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Focus your effort on the riskiest areas first with our configurable analytics dashboard. Know when your risk changes – immediately – so you can focus on the right priorities, right away. That’s efficiency and effectiveness; now we’re talking!

Documentation & Reporting

There are at least 25 things we would rather do than face a regulatory examination. We’ve done it. We know the pain, we know the pressure; that’s why we’ve made reporting and investigation audit trails a snap with our clear, concise, date stamped and traceable reports.

Capture the outcome of your investigations with the push of a button.

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Zero-day intuitive UI or plug-and-play API gets you up and running in a snap. Start screening today, no coding we promise.

Anonymized and secure, we’ve got your privacy needs covered. We’re talking to you GDPR/CCPA/PIPEDA!

Stop doing manual AML investigations and risk-assess in real-time. Really.

Screenshot of MinervaAI Network Visualization


Guided by AML experts with decades of process and technology experience, we will get you set up, tuned and trained the right way.

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Did we mention we’re cloud-based?

Private and secure, with a 99.99% availability rate, we’re always on.

But if you need us, for anything, at any time, let us know, and we can provide the support that’s right for your business.

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Created by AML professionals who led investigations teams, we understand that training needs vary.

Choose the training that’s right for your team:

  • Quick start job aids to get your team up and running in minutes. 
  • In-depth training that focuses on risk assessment and network analysis.
  • Specialized training for analytics, threshold setting and more complex investigations.

Virtual or In-Person, we’ve got you covered.

Together, we can put bad money out of business

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